Mills Butchers' Marshland Lamb Collection: The Essence of East Anglia

Discover the Mills Butchers Lamb Collection, featuring exquisite East Anglia Marshland Lamb.

Sourced from the unique marshland pastures of East Anglia, our lamb is celebrated for its tender and flavorsome meat, which matures slowly on a natural diet of diverse vegetation. Each lamb is carefully selected to ensure optimal weight and quality, fully traceable back to the marsh where it was raised. This collection not only highlights the traditional craftsmanship of our butchers but also embodies a commitment to sustainability and animal welfare, making each meal a truly exceptional culinary experience.


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Premium Marshland Lamb Chops
Lamb Chops 4 x 160g Sale price£19.95
Premium Rack of Lamb
Rack of Lamb 550g Sale price£21.95
Fall-off-the-Bone Shoulder of Lamb
Shoulder of Lamb Sale price£39.95
Perfect Sunday Roast Leg of Lamb
Leg of Lamb Sale price£47.95
Premium Marshland Lamb Shank
Lamb Shank Sale price£21.95
Premium East Anglia Marshland Half Leg of Lamb
1/2 Leg of Lamb Sale price£24.95
Premium Marshland Lamb Steaks
Lamb Steaks Sale price£14.95
2 x 320g Barnsley Chops
Barnsley Chops 2 x 320g Sale price£19.95
Nutritious Lambs Liver
Lambs Liver 500g Sale price£5.95

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