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Premium East Anglia Marshland Half Leg of Lamb
1/2 Leg of Lamb Sale price£24.95
2 x 320g Barnsley Chops
Barnsley Chops 2 x 320g Sale price£19.95
Homemade Beef & Onion Burger
Cotswold Black Pudding
Black Pudding Sale price£5.95
Breakfast Box
Breakfast Box Sale price£25.99
Hearty Beef Brisket
Brisket Joint 1kg Sale price£19.95
Chef’s Choice Variety Box
Premium Colston Bassett Stilton
Hearty Stewing Steak
Diced Stewing Steak 500g Sale price£8.95
Organic Cornish Brie
English Brie 400g Sale price£11.95
Family Essentials Meatbox
Family Essentials Meatbox Sale price£44.99
Family Favorites Selection Box
2 x 6oz Melting Fillet Steak
Fillet Steak 6oz Sale price£29.95
Packington Free Range Chicken Breasts
Packington Free Range Chicken Thighs
Premium Dry-Cure Gammon Joint
Gammon Joint 1kg Sale price£15.95
Premium Dry-Cure Gammon Steaks
Gammon Steaks 250g Sale price£7.95
Homemade Lamb & Mint Burger
Premium Marshland Lamb Chops
Lamb Chops 4 x 160g Sale price£19.95
Premium Marshland Lamb Shank
Lamb Shank Sale price£21.95
Premium Marshland Lamb Steaks
Lamb Steaks Sale price£14.95
Nutritious Lambs Liver
Lambs Liver 500g Sale price£5.95
Perfect Sunday Roast Leg of Lamb
Leg of Lamb Sale price£47.95
Premium Boneless Pork Loin
Loin of Pork (Boneless) 1kg Sale price£16.95

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