Mills Butchers' Calves Liver Saves Local Dog's Life in Rare Medical Case

Mills Butchers' Calves Liver Saves Local Dog's Life in Rare Medical Case

In a heartwarming turn of events, a local dog named Ludo has made a remarkable recovery from a life-threatening illness, thanks to the high-quality calves liver from Mills Butchers in Solihull. Ludo, owned by Sarah, contracted a rare bacterial infection called Nocardiosis, which has only seen 29 recorded cases in the UK.

Nocardiosis, caused by the Nocardia bacteria, is an extremely rare infection in dogs, with only 12 known canine survivors to date. Ludo's case was particularly severe, requiring the surgical removal of a lung. Post-surgery, Sarah received devastating news that Ludo's red blood cell count had dropped to critical levels, and she was advised to prepare for the worst.

In a last-ditch effort to save her beloved pet, Sarah turned to Mills Butchers, a local establishment known for its high-quality, locally sourced meats. She purchased calves liver, a nutrient-rich organ meat, and began feeding it to Ludo. The results were nothing short of miraculous – Ludo's red blood cell count tripled, leading to a full recovery.

Rob Mills, owner of Mills Butchers, expressed his joy at the news: "We've always prided ourselves on the quality of our meats, but to hear that our calves liver played a role in saving Ludo's life is truly special. It's a testament to the importance of high-quality, nutrient-dense foods."

This extraordinary case highlights the potential health benefits of organ meats, which are often overlooked in modern diets. Calves liver, in particular, is known for its high iron content, which is crucial for red blood cell production.

Sarah's quick thinking and the exceptional quality of Mills Butchers' products have not only saved Ludo's life but also shed light on the potential therapeutic properties of certain foods. This heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the strong bond between pets and their owners, and the unexpected ways in which local businesses can make a difference in their communities.

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