Mills Butchers: A Tradition of Excellence in Sourcing Native Breeds

Native Breeds at MIlls

Introduction to Mills Butchers

Overview of Mills Butchers

Mills Butchers, nestled in the heart of Hockley Heath, Solihull, West Midlands, stands as a beacon of quality and tradition in the local food landscape. Founded in 1978 by the Mills family, the butcher shop has flourished under the stewardship of Rob Mills, who continues to honor his father's legacy. With a commitment to craftsmanship and a deep respect for culinary traditions, Mills Butchers offers a wide range of high-quality meats, from native bred beef to organic lamb and free-range chickens.

Services Offered

The shop is renowned for its broad selection of meats, including specialty items like dry-cured bacon, homemade hams, and a variety of seasonal meats such as venison and wild ducks. Additionally, Mills Butchers enhances the culinary experience with a deli counter featuring an assortment of English and continental cheeses, pates, and cooked meats.

Importance of Sourcing Locally

Benefits of Local Sourcing

Sourcing locally is not just a business strategy for Mills Butchers; it's a commitment to quality and community. By choosing local suppliers, the shop ensures that the meat is not only fresh but also produced under high welfare standards. This practice supports the local economy, fosters community ties, and maintains a transparent supply chain that customers can trust.

Challenges in Local Sourcing

Balancing cost and quality is a significant challenge in local sourcing. Mills Butchers excels in this area by building strong relationships with local farmers, ensuring that while the products remain affordable, they do not compromise on quality or ethical standards.

Focus on Native Breeds

Advantages of Native Breeds

Native breeds are known for their superior genetic traits that often result in better taste and texture of meat. Mills Butchers' focus on these breeds underscores a dedication to offering products that are not only sustainable but also superior in quality.

Native Breeds at Mills Butchers

Among the native breeds sourced by Mills Butchers are the ‘Saltmarsh’ lamb and ‘Shorthorn’ beef. These animals are raised in environments that ensure optimal health and diet, which directly influences the quality of the meat offered to customers.

Ethical Considerations

Animal Welfare

Mills Butchers places a high priority on the welfare of the animals, partnering with suppliers who provide environments that go beyond mere compliance with welfare standards. This ethical sourcing significantly enhances the quality of the products and aligns with the moral values of the business and its customer base.

Impact of Ethical Sourcing on Product Quality

The commitment to ethical sourcing is evident in the taste and texture of the meat. Customers often note the difference in quality, which builds trust and loyalty to Mills Butchers, knowing that the products are sourced with care and responsibility.

Community Engagement

Mills Butchers' Role in the Community

The shop plays an integral role in the community by supporting local agriculture and participating in local events. These activities help educate the public about the benefits of local and ethical meat consumption.

Customer Relationships

Transparency in sourcing and preparation builds strong relationships with customers, who appreciate the shop’s commitment to quality and ethical standards. This transparency is crucial in maintaining customer trust and loyalty.

Specialty Products

Seasonal and Specialty Offerings

Mills Butchers is known for its seasonal meats, which include venison during the autumn and guinea fowl over the winter months. These offerings allow customers to enjoy a variety of meats that are not only tasty but also seasonally appropriate.

Innovation in Product Sourcing

Rob Mills continually seeks to introduce new products to the market, such as organic meats and locally sourced cheeses, enhancing the shop’s product lineup and catering to evolving customer preferences.


Sustainable Practices at Mills Butchers

The shop is committed to sustainability, utilizing energy-efficient practices and reducing waste wherever possible. This commitment extends to the packaging, which is designed to minimize environmental impact.

Long-term Goals

Looking to the future, Mills Butchers aims to continue its growth while maintaining its core values of quality, community, and sustainability. The shop plans to expand its reach within the community and continue promoting the benefits of locally sourced, ethically raised meats.


Mills Butchers remains a pillar of quality and tradition in Hockley Heath. By focusing on native breeds and ethical sourcing, the shop not only provides superior products but also contributes significantly to the

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